Saturday, July 31, 2004

Ride my seesaw

Lots of excitement in today's game. Guardado's two recent blown saves remind me of two former Mariner bullpen guys named Nelson and Rhodes, who once upon a time gave up grand slam homeruns to some guy named White. That was a turning point for that bullpen - I wonder how wise it was for the M's to decide to hold on to Guardado.

Jose Lopez didn't do much in his major league debut. Perhaps he will be able to show what his defensive capabilities are in the coming days.

I like Olivo quite a bit - but he sure has a lot to learn behind the plate. I hope Dan mentors him properly.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Thoughts on Thursday night's game

Why was Santiago hitting in the ninth when Edgar was on the bench?

Boone left 3 RISP with 2 outs.   Leone left 2 - Ibanez, Cabrera, and Santiago each left one.

Too bad that Eddie couldn't hold the lead.  Putz looked very good.  I really like Madritsch - he pitched well under pressure, getting the outs that he needed to get - and getting the W in the process.

Villone had a good outing tonight.  Can anybody get Ichiro out?  Bucky and Olivo had a rough night.  Leone's bomb in the third was nice - and a breaking ball to boot.

Thanks goodness the streak is finally broken!!!

New template

I've tried out about half a dozen different templates this afternoon - I think this one will be it.

I'm frankly amazed that there has been no news concerning any moves that the M's are (hopefully) planning to make.  Perhaps if Villone has a good outing tonight....

Words of wisdom from Steve over at Mariners Wheelhouse

Mariners Wheelhouse - A Seattle Mariners fan blog

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

An open letter to Bob Melvin

Dear Bob,

Bucky must play - every day!

Sincerely, Iron Tech

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

How would you like the M's if they made these deals?

Here's some great stuff from David over at U.S.S. Mariner:

U.S.S. Mariner: "Realistically, I believe the Mariners could get Beltre, Drew, and Milton for around $30-$35 million. Fill in the holes with players from Tacoma and those improvements alone make the M's a threat to contend next year. If they're able to clear even more salary and add a fourth player from the pool, or upgrade for Milton to Clement or Drew to Beltran, all the better. "

Brian Price reflects on the lessons learned from last night in Oakland

The Seattle Times: Mariners: A's make it a walk in park in 14-5 win over M's: "'It was stupid on my part,' said the pitching coach, who joined Melvin in yelling at Reliford from the dugout as one close pitch after another went against Blackley. Price was thumbed for loudly complaining on a pitch that ran a 3-0 count to Bobby Crosby, who batted after the walk to Kotsay gave Oakland its first run of the night.
'If it's not a crisis situation, and it wasn't with us leading 5-0,' Price said, 'then it's stupid to piss off an umpire who's already pissed off at your pitcher for his shenanigans on the mound.'

The coach said from now on Blackley should 'just get the ball back (from the catcher) and throw it over the plate.
'There's no more back and forth with the umpire. If you ask a guy where a pitch was he just gets pissed off and you get the plate umpire yelling at your pitcher. And I probably made the situation worse.' "

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sunday evening thoughts

  • It was considerably cooler in the Seattle area today - perhaps accounting in part for the M's better showing.
  • Nice to see Bucky drive the ball out of the ballpark going the opposite way.
  • I really like Olivo - he is shaping up to be the centerpiece of the Freddy Garcia deal.
  • Bob Melvin doesn't hold a monopoly on strange managerial decisions.  Larry Bowa left Eric Milton in the game today after his no-hitter evaporated.  Milton not only gives up another hit, he also allowed the Cubs to tie the game.  His pitch count was already high - why not bring in a fresh arm to finish the Cubbies off?  *sigh*

Back to Earth

  • Friday night's TV broadcast was nice, primarily because Ron Fairly was absent.  Bill Krueger filled in - and did an okay job (especially when compared to Red).
  • Bucky and Justin are starting to see what a quality Major League breaking ball is all about.
  • Why is Mike Meyers still on this team?
  • Olivo displayed some awesome power - too bad it was a foul ball.
  • The Hasegawa Effect was in evidence again last night.
  • It takes a pretty tough guy to take a swing at somebody with your catcher's mask on.

Friday, July 23, 2004

M's sweep A's

  • Another exciting Mariners game last night.  They have been fun to watch since the break - let's hope it continues with the Angels in town.  And isn't that Vlad something?
  • The Hasegawa Effect was not in evidence last night.   Hopefully Shiggy will be able to put together a few more good appearances.
  • It's really fun as a fan to see how fired up Guardado gets after the 27th out is recorded. 
  • I'm going on record right now as a "Let's keep Boone" fan. 

Delgado shows conviction in Iraq protest

Great point made by Steve Wilstein in this article (emphasis added):

The Seattle Times: News from AP: "Agree or disagree with Delgado for calling the Iraq invasion 'the stupidest war ever,' the Puerto Rican slugger is not being anti-American by showing his disagreement with President Bush's policy. He is not disrespecting the soldiers or, as one Yankee fan said, slapping every New Yorker and American in the face.
Delgado is simply exercising the most fundamental of our rights, freedom of speech, or more accurately in this case, freedom to sit silently while his teammates stand on the dugout steps."

Patrick posted this anti-Ron Fairly rant over at The Sons of Buhner

I agree - Fairly must go!!!

The Sons of Buhner: "But seriously, if he would only quit promoting the dropping of infield popups, I would be so much happier. I honestly believe world peace could be achieved if Ron would just let the popups go. So much strife, Ron; so much strife. And you could end it all. Do it, not for me, not for baseball, but for the children of the world.

Don't you care about the children? "

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Quote of the day from Bob Finnigan at The Times

The Seattle Times: Mariners: Bucky stuns Oakland: "But after J.J. Putz let Oakland tie on Scott Hatteberg's two-run pinch-hit homer in the eighth, the game went to the kids, which is better than the first half, when most Mariner games went to the dogs. "

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

There is joy in Mudville...

  • What an exciting finish at Safeco Field tonight.  Madritsch gets out of a jam on an unassited double play turned by Leone.  Then Bucky sends one deep into the night sky to win it in the bottom half.
  • Randy Winn throws like a girl.  That's the real reason Kotsay tagged up and went to second on that ball in the top of the 5th.  Don't pay any attention to that baloney that Dave and Ron were talking about on the TV broadcast.
  • I'm getting a little concerned about J.J. - perhaps he is starting to feel the Hasegawa Effect.  Blackley had a relatively good outing - should be a confidence builder.
  • Nice to see Boone and Ibanez hit the ball into the unplayable areas tonight.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Got all of it!!

Great game last night.  A few observations:

  • Kudos to Edgar and Boone.  So many times this year, these guys have had an AB that resulted in either a backwards K or a GIDP when the game was on the line.  Nice to see them deliver the goods last night.
  • Bucky hits the ball hard.  Even with that exploding bat, the ball was on top of Nomar in a heartbeat - and ate him alive!
  • I really like Olivo.  Yeah, he's got some rough edges, but he's also got the makings of a fine big league catcher.
  • The cable was out all afternoon over here due to a fiber cut.  Had to listen to the game on radio until the bottom of the 5th.  Good news - no Fairly - not so good news - an entire evening with Rizzy and Dave.  *sigh*

Monday, July 19, 2004


I know it's only 8 AB, but .625/.769/1.375 - wow!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sunday evening thoughts

  • Actually had fun watching the M's play this afternoon.  It's also clear that the players seem to have a renewed sense of purpose - and they seem to be having fun.  It's a nice way to enjoy a game.  No expectations regarding the post season - just a good, well-played game of baseball.
  • How about that Bucky?
  • Say what you will regarding Hiram Bocachica - but the dude shows up to play!!

A better effort

I found myself watching last night's game with some of the old excitement, especially in the bottom of the ninth.  How many times does that dying quail hit by Olivo fall in for a hit?  And would the Indians have staged that rally at all if Little O wasn't tossed?  What if is a fun game for Sunday mornings.

The local sportscasters are already talking about "Bucky Ball".  Just to set the record straight, a Buckyball is a form of carbon including C60, a roundish molecule made of 60 carbon atoms. It was named Fullerene or Buckyball, after Buckminster Fuller, who invented the geodesic dome, which has a similar structure.

Friday, July 16, 2004


Not much to be happy about after tonight's game.  Nice to see Leone go deep again.  And Bucky came close to his first dinger.  Otherwise, it was all Indians, all night.  Hopefully Travis will take this in stride.  As far as the bullpen goes, it appeared that most of them were mailing it in tonight.  J.J. was sharp - the rest were less than good.

In case you have not seen it yet -

I'm speechless!

Good game last night...

which finally resulted in a W for the hometown nine.  Leone provided quite a bit of excitement at our house when he unloaded that blast (did you notice the fan had it in his glove before dropping it?).  Looking forward to Bucky's debut in the DH slot tonight. 

Thursday, July 15, 2004

And the second half begins...

with the DFA of John Olerud.  Got mixed feelings on this one.  He has declined offensively, but he still has the second best OBP on the team.  And his fielding has not been an issue.  Oh well, he would have been gone next season, so no sense prolonging the agony.  Now if Edgar would only retire...

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Sake-Drenched Postcards - Wokin' and Rollin': Dubbing Iron Chef

Here's a nice article concerning the best cooking show in the Universe - Iron Chef!!

Sake-Drenched Postcards - Wokin' and Rollin': Dubbing Iron Chef

Mariner Season Part II

Hard to believe that the Mariners have reached the halfway point of the season in such poor shape. Although plenty of folks were apprehensive prior to the start of the season, I don't think many people actually thought that the M's would be as bad as they have turned out. Let's hope that the team makes the changes that are required to be competitive again next year. Wait until next year!!!

Mariners Wheelhouse - A Seattle Mariners fan blog asks a deep question

Mariners Wheelhouse - A Seattle Mariners fan blog: "Is picking on Tim McCarver morally indefensible?

One of the measures of a civilized society is the respect and dignity it affords to the weak and powerless in its midst. Base cultures regard their fringe members as fit objects for ridicule and personal gratification, but as most civilizations advance, they recognize a moral imperative to protect and defend those members with mental or physical limitations that leave them unfairly exposed to the cruelty of others.

Listening to Tim McCarver's All-Star game commentary, I was reminded of this principle. Which forces me to consider, 'Is picking on Tim McCarver morally indefensible?'"

San Shin - Jeff Shaw weighs in on Barry Bonds

San Shin: "Frivolous MVP balloting edition: Scott Rolen is a truly great player, having a truly great year. I am a huge fan of his, and would have loved to see the Mariners bring him in.

That said, David's right: I don't care if Barry Bonds kicked your dog, robbed your house and traded your Mantle rookie card for steroids, he's the league MVP, and you have to vote for him. Have to.

Unfair comparison: Bonds' OBP is .628. Here's the OBP for the middle of your Mariner lineup from last night:

Boone: .299
Ibanez: .323
Total: .622

That's right, it's more likely Barry Bonds will get on base in a given at-bat than either the M's No. 3 or No. 4 hitter will.

Like it or not, from a production perspective, he is our Babe Ruth. Hate him? Fine. But appreciate what we're watching. "

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

For the statheads out there

Here's an interesting article from ESPN that shows that the fascination with statistics among baseball fans is nothing new. Check out this article.

A New Beginning

The "other" blog is gone! Now it really is all about me! :)