Monday, November 29, 2004

Friday Thoughts 11.26

A belated Friday post. Got to take a few minutes to talk about the Safeco Field Tour. We had relatives in town for the holiday last week, so we decided to go over to Seattle and take the tour at the Safe. In short, it was awesome. In addition to hanging out in the Owner's Suite and the Pressbox, the tour also allows you access to the visitor's locker room and dugout. One can also sit at the same interview table that Bomel occupied last season while trying to explain what was going on with his club. The tour also stops in the Diamond Club (where the Bambino dominates the landscape). An excellent way to spend an afternoon in Seattle, even in the rain. Highly recommended.

No worries if Dan Wilson doesn't sign - take a look at the numbers for Olivo and Gonzalez:

Olivo    .234/.286/.399/.685 (career)

13 32 17 .347 4.53 (2004)

Gonzalez .238/.312/.361/.674 (career)
7 45 25 .357 4.36 (2000)

Since Gonzalez is already under contract, why not use him (as others have already suggested)?

Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday Thoughts 11.19

It may be good news that the M's have not made any moves so far. Some awfully strange deals have been signed so far. 3 years for Little O? Perhaps Mr. Sabean is the same caliber of genius as Mike Holmgren.

Caught Bucky on the local news the other evening. He says that his rehab is ahead of schedule.

It's curious to note that there has never been a reader comment posted on this blog.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Friday Thoughts 11.12

Interesting piece by Larry Stone in the Times today. Among the items discussed:

  • According to Stone, Carlos Delgado is the M's top target.
  • Discussion concerning the injuries to Sexson and Glaus (and implication that they can be had at discount rate).
  • Mentions trade possibilites involving Preston Wilson and Ryan Klesko (NO!!!!).
  • The Yankees are interested in Ron Villone (please take him!!)

The FA market gets underway today - hoping to see some good news soon!

Edit: Trent over at Leone for Third posted a good piece concerning what he would do if he were the GM. I'm okay with his vision - let's hope the M's end up looking something like this!

Edit: Lots of posts in comments over at USSM lately are using the word "reoccur" when talking about injury prone players. The correct word is "recur" (sorry, spelling is important to me - probably a result of my Navy communications background).

Friday, November 05, 2004

Friday Thoughts 11.05

A few interesting baseball related items this week:

  • BoMel got himself a gig after all.
  • Lots of speculation concerning possible FA targets for the M's. If Boras indeed is looking for a 10 year deal for Carlos Beltran, then I hope the M's pass and focus their energy on Adrian Beltre. Also going to go on record as supporting strong offers to Matt Clement and J.D. Drew.
  • I really am concerned about "Every Couple of Days" Eddie. Please prove me wrong.
  • Congrats to Boone and Ichiro for the hardware. Regardless of how you feel about these awards, it's nice to see the Mariners staying in the news.