Thursday, July 28, 2005

Game 100 - Big Sexy

As the team reaches the century mark this season, it seems fitting to say a few words about Richie Sexson. My general trepidation at his signing has been replaced by a very happy feeling every time he launches one - especially like the one that went into the upper tank in left last night. The guy is awesome - and healthy - which are the 2 big concerns that I had (along with almost everybody else in the blogosphere). He's certainly proved that he is healthy - and he can really hit the ball a ton.

Props to Jamie Moyer for throwing an excellent game last night.

What was Craig Monroe thinking? Was he thinking at all? You can't miss a ball like that at the Big League level.

For those of you who don't get to see games on Fox Sports NW, they were running a contest last night to see how many balls were used in the game (76, I think). It was overplayed by the commentators (what a surprise) - and I think Grover got a little irritated when asked for his guess on the pregame. He said something about really not caring - way to go Mike!

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