Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Overrated Players?

Check out this article by Dayn Perry over at Although I agree with most of this list, check out number 8 and see what you think.

Games 130 and 131 - A Tale Of Two Pitchers

One for the L column, followed by one for the W column.

Ryan Franklin is done. Stick a fork in him.

Jeff Harris pitched a good game last night. Although he did a fairly good job of imitating Ryan Franklin, Harris was able to stay away from the big inning. As a matter of fact, he limited the damage from a quite potent Yankee lineup. He gave his team a chance to win. And they didn't miss it.

Ichiro! continues to show why he is such a special player.

So did anybody else see the attitude that Mike Morse was displaying after Carlos Garcia started bitching him out for not scoring on that fly ball? Perhaps this is what the Sox saw that made them give up on the kid. I like Morse as a player, but we have all seen what happens to guys who can't get their attitude right (anybody remember Shane Monahan?).

Monday, August 29, 2005

Larry Poncino At It Again

From Yahoo Sports:

Aug 29 Pujols was ejected in the first inning of Sunday's game after he was caught stealing. Washington pitcher John Halama picked Pujols off first base, and Nick Johnson threw to Cristian Guzman, who applied the tag. Pujols took exception to the call and was ejected by first-base umpire Larry Poncino, as Pujols went to take his position in the bottom half of the inning. STATS, Inc.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Game 129 - Welcome Back Freddy

Another one for the W column. Good pitching, good hitting, and Dave Hansen smacks a long ball!

Nice to see some aggressive baserunning from the Mariners. Apparently Mike Goff's little chat with the boys the other day has paid some dividends.

Game 128 - On The Road To Futility

Another one for the L column. Starting pitching less than acceptable. Defense acceptable. Hitting less than acceptable. Baserunning - well, not sure if Carlos Garcia should get the credit for Ichiro! getting nailed on a close play. Again, if the club was in a pennant race, I'm not sending him. But in the waning days of a lost season, does it really matter?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Game 127 - He's Still The King

Felix made a couple of mistakes last night. He's 19 - it's not going to be the last time. In spite of giving up a couple of long balls to the guy who took over the role of "Number 1 Prospect" in the White Sox organization, Felix pitched another outstanding game. His poise is particularly noteworthy - and something that has been sorely lacking in Mariner pitchers this year without Bobby Madritsch taking the hill.

I don't want to say this too loud, but Yorvit Torrealba is looking like he may be able to stick as a starter on this team. I'm just saying.

Eddie Guardado is going to give up some dingers - it's just the way he pitches. I would feel a lot worse about it if we were in the middle of a pennant race.

Dave and Ron were wondering why Hargrove called for the squeeze so early in the game. Hey guys, do you think maybe he called it because nobody was expecting it? Just a thought.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Game 126 - Ichiro! and Harris

What else can you say about Ichiro!? The guy doesn't have a decent AB all day, then manages a grand slam. Amazing.

Props to Jeff Harris. Not a small feat to hold the Rangers at bay - at home - with the temperature approaching the century mark.

Felix takes the hill tonight! Long live the King!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Games 124 and 125 - More Of The Same

Not much can be said of the last two games that hasn't been said already. I'm at the point of the season where I am not really interested in watching the Mariners anymore (unless Felix is pitching). For the last two evenings, I caught snippets of the games - but was mostly occupied with getting my son's computer sorted out. Finally ended up wiping and reinstalling the OS last night - figured I was better off cutting my losses and starting fresh. He wasn't too concerned about losing files - so we now have a clean install and the computer seems to be happy again. At least one of us is.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Whatever Happened To Joel Pineiro?

Whatever happened to Joel Pineiro? Remember the Pineiro of 2001 - the one that gave up 50 hits in 75.1 innings? The one that only walked 6 and allowed 2 HR? The one with the ridiculous 2.03 ERA? The one that reitred the first 60 or so right handed batters that he faced?

Compare him to the Joel Pineiro of 2005 - the one that has given up 177 hits in 144 innings. The one who has walked 45 and allowed 21 HR. The one with the very poor 5.83 ERA.

It seems clear to this fan the the Mariners are faced with a choice concerning Mr. Pineiro. Do they hang on to him and hope that he regains his form - or do they cut him loose and try to find somebody to take his place in the rotation? Somebody who looks a lot more like the Pineiro of 2001.

Monday, August 22, 2005

New Look Revisited

Okay, finally found a template that I like. It's almost right - a few more tweaks here and there - but this should be it for the present.

Game 123 - Oops!

Another one for the L column.

What's up with Larry Poncino? Some umpires take themselves way too seriously - looks like Poncino falls into this category. Just call the game.

Even though that was a tough loss yesterday, I still feel relatively hopeful for next year. I say relatively because it is clear now that the offense and defense are going to be fine - but the pitching staff is going to need a lot of work.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Game 122 - Power Up!

Great win for the Mariners last night in the Homer Dome. Felix continues to show that not only is he ready to compete at the ML level - he is ready to dominate. After giving up 2 in the 1st, he settled into a nice groove and kept the Twins at bay until Sexson and Beltre tied the game. Nice.

Speaking of Sexson and Beltre, it's really nice to see them both deliver at the plate in the same game. They weren't the only story for the offense last night - but they were definitely the most compelling. I felt hopeful last night - and that's been a pretty rare feeling this year.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Games 120 and 121 - Twins Win

2 more for the L column. Both games were difficult to watch. Poor starting pitching, no situational hitting, strange plays, balks - not good.

If Adrian Beltre is beginning to assert some leadership over this team - good.

Scott Spiezio is gone. Another Cirilloesque performance from a FA signing. Let's hope it's the last one for quite a while.

The King takes the hill today. Long live the King!

Friday, August 19, 2005

High Tech Baseball

Ran across this over at USA Today earlier. It's an interesting read - I was unaware of the Bavasi connection to Inside Edge. Check it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Game 119 - The Hitters Deliver!

It would have been just as easy to dedicate this post to Jamie Moyer, but I've been waiting for the hitters to deliver the goods, and man did they deliver the goods today! Ichiro! goes 3 for 4 with 3 RBI. Beltre swats the Grand Slam. Sexson delivers another dinger. Betancourt and Torrealba go 3 for 4. Reed goes 2 for 3. Just an outstanding offensive display.

Moyer does get the props - 1 run on 6 hits and 7 K.

And Matt Thornton gets the finger - what an awful performance.

Game 118 - Another W

Another one in the W column. Joel Pineiro had a respectable outing last night. His last three starts have been good - so perhaps he has indeed turned the corner.

Ichiro! showed one facet of his game last night that I wish he would concentrate more on. Running on Terrence Long (which is ironic, since Terrence Long is the first guy that Ichiro! gunned down at 3rd base in his ROY season) was a great move. Ichiro! has the ability to create havoc on the basepaths, much in the same way that Rickey Henderson and Kenny Lofton literally took charge whenever they got on base.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Props To Randy

Randy Winn hits for the cycle! Yeah baby!

Valdez Up

Yeah, it's Wilson Valdez, called up to replace Khalil Greene by the San Diego Padres. Check it out - USA Today.

Game 117 - It's All About The K's

The King turned in another awesome performance last night. Small sample size be damned - the kid can pitch! The level of excitement was evident on the TV broadcast - the fans were into the game and having fun (an unusal situation this season). Hopefully the folks that were putting up the K's will make up some more before Felix's next start - they ran out when he hit 10.

Strange lineup last night. Strange move with Wiki and Ojeda. I heard Larry LaRue on the pregame radio show opine that Wiki did something bad enough to warrant him being shipped out "right now". That would seem to fit with what we have been hearing for a long time concerning his reputation as the "laziest man in baseball". Whatever - just find a catcher that can hit his weight and I'll be okay with it.

When Sexson tags one, it's a thing a beauty.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Behind The Plate Report

A quick review of stats on ESPN this morning revealed the following (last 7 days):

Olivo .300/.333/.550/.883 20AB

Torrealba .125/.222/.250/.472 8AB

Gonzalez .182/.182/.182/.364 11AB

This seems to fit quite nicely in the alternate universe that Mariner fans are inhabiting this season. Just thought you might like to know.

An Open Letter To Bill Bavasi

Dear Bill,

I read in the TNT this morning that you were pretty bleeped off after yesterday's game.

I'm pretty bleeped off too. As a matter of fact, I'm so bleeping bleeped off that I can barely see straight.

Ichiro! once said that it's dangerous for ball players to become accustomed to losing. I'm afraid that the Mariners are beginning to get accustomed to losing - please do something about this. Like getting rid of Scott bleeping Spiezio - that would be a good start.

Sincerely, Iron Tech

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Angelic Revenge

The Angels certainly extracted their revenge for the sweep that the Mariners pulled off down in Anaheim before the All Star break. Poor pitching, lack of timely hitting, and base running errors all contributed to the sweep in Seattle for the Angels.

So it appears that Snelling is done - for the season anyway. It certainly begs the question at this point - can the kid ever stay healthy enough to show what he can really do at the big league level? Time will tell - but not this season.

So is there a more hapless team in baseball than the Mariners right now? Quite possibly it is the Kansas City Royals - and they just so happen to be flying in for a 3 game set.

News From Tacoma

From an article in the TNT today, Bucky is back with the Rainiers. Additionally, Jamal Strong did not play yesterday, suggesting that he will be called up to replace Chris Snelling on the roster. No word on which pitcher will be moved to make room for Strong.

I'll post an update for the Angels series this evening. Quite frankly, I just couldn't bring myself to write anything after the first two games of the series. I'll grit my teeth this evening.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Thoughts

A couple of things - in no particular order:

  • Please let Mike Cameron be okay.
  • Please let Chris Snelling be okay.
  • What's up with Miguel Ojeda? He's tearing the cover off the ball in Tacoma.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Game 112 - Long Live The King

Many words will be written about Felix Hernandez in the next several days. What is clear is that we witnessed something special tonight at Safeco Field. The King ascended to the top of the hill tonight, and owned that hill like no Mariner pitcher since Bobby Madritsch. Felix maintained very good control of his fastball, and his ability to throw the breaking ball for strikes kept the Twins off balance for most of the evening. Felix also fields his position quite well - that throw to third was spot on. Quite a game - long live the King!!

Yuniesky Betancourt is such an exciting player to watch. When he turned on the jets between first and second, he looked like he was moving along without even touching the ground. I think the rest of the squad was feeling the electricity at the Safe - even Eddie seemed to be more pumped than usual this evening. A good win - and a great night to be a Seattle Mariners fan.

Game 111 - Fair Dinkum!

A fun game last night - and an improbable win. But any W is good.

Chris Snelling had a fair dinkum game last night. He provides hope for the future - please stay healthy! Whether in the field or at the plate, I really like his approach.

Check out Seattle Marinerds, a very well written Mariners blog. I felt very inadequate as a writer after reading this blog - but perhaps inspired to do better as a writer as well.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Games 108, 109, 110 - Chicago Report

Since the trading deadline, I must say that the Mariners are a lot more fun to watch. And, for a change, the starting pitching has been quite good lately. Unfortunately, the offense has not kept up with the pitching, but this will probably change as the season wears on.

Sexson and Beltre continue to amaze with their power. I wish Beltre would be a bit more consistent, but he has started to show some tantalizing glimpses of what he can do when (and if) he gets hot.

Snelling and Betancourt have been a breath of much needed fresh air.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Games 105, 106, 107 - Detroit Report

Same old consistently inconsistent Mariners. They just can't seem to put the good pitching and good hitting together.

Let the Felix Hernandez era begin. Too bad he had to start off with a L, but I am sure that he will have plenty of W's before it's all over.

Yuniesky Betancourt is for real.

Beltre. Man.

Edit: Just realized this post got truncated. What I was trying to say about Beltre is that he seems to be ready to explode at times - then he fades back into mediocrity. It's enough to drive one to distraction.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Franklin Suspended

Shit. So perhaps this will create another opportunity for one of the kids in Tacoma. Like Nageotte?

Edit: The Press Release says Masao Kida will take Franklin's spot on the roster.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Trading Deadline Passes

How awesome is it to see the Mariners actually make some deals? The days of "Stand Pat" Gillick are gone - long live Bill Bavasi!

All of the deals seem to have one common thread - getting young players who have the potential to contribute (some of them immediately - others down the road). And clearing some roster spots to let guys like Chris Snelling play regularly is certainly a good thing.

Hearing some reports today that Aaron Sele is about to be released - and that Scott Spiezio, Dave Hansen, Shiggy, and Matt Thornton (or Pineiro) may also be very close to being handed their walking papers. It's definitely time to blow this squad up and look towards the future.

And Boone was released by the Twins.

Palmeiro suspended. Man - that sucks.

Game 104 - Another L

Another one for the L column. The offense showed up - the starting pitching did not.