Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Game 117 - It's All About The K's

The King turned in another awesome performance last night. Small sample size be damned - the kid can pitch! The level of excitement was evident on the TV broadcast - the fans were into the game and having fun (an unusal situation this season). Hopefully the folks that were putting up the K's will make up some more before Felix's next start - they ran out when he hit 10.

Strange lineup last night. Strange move with Wiki and Ojeda. I heard Larry LaRue on the pregame radio show opine that Wiki did something bad enough to warrant him being shipped out "right now". That would seem to fit with what we have been hearing for a long time concerning his reputation as the "laziest man in baseball". Whatever - just find a catcher that can hit his weight and I'll be okay with it.

When Sexson tags one, it's a thing a beauty.

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