Monday, August 22, 2005

Game 123 - Oops!

Another one for the L column.

What's up with Larry Poncino? Some umpires take themselves way too seriously - looks like Poncino falls into this category. Just call the game.

Even though that was a tough loss yesterday, I still feel relatively hopeful for next year. I say relatively because it is clear now that the offense and defense are going to be fine - but the pitching staff is going to need a lot of work.


Larry said...

My Feelings are that we are 2 starters away from something good. Not sure how much longer Jaime can win 10-15 games, and will Joel ever get back the consistency that he has lacked the last 2 years. Both have the capability and potential to be beneficial to any team, Its a stretch thought to think that Jaime can hang on for another 2 years, and that Joel can get his head screwed on straight. Gil is also very capable, but can't seem to stay healthy for a whole season. And how will felix hold up under a full season, and the sophmore jinx? Ryan should be traded, and bring up Jeff Harris to replace him. So, lots of ????'s and not so many answers. Plus, it looks like we will bidding against the Yanks again who are not happy with their acquisitions this year. Should make for an interesting off season though.

Iron Tech said...

Agreed. I'm working on a post concerning Mr. Pineiro - hope to have it ready to go this evening.