Monday, August 01, 2005

Trading Deadline Passes

How awesome is it to see the Mariners actually make some deals? The days of "Stand Pat" Gillick are gone - long live Bill Bavasi!

All of the deals seem to have one common thread - getting young players who have the potential to contribute (some of them immediately - others down the road). And clearing some roster spots to let guys like Chris Snelling play regularly is certainly a good thing.

Hearing some reports today that Aaron Sele is about to be released - and that Scott Spiezio, Dave Hansen, Shiggy, and Matt Thornton (or Pineiro) may also be very close to being handed their walking papers. It's definitely time to blow this squad up and look towards the future.

And Boone was released by the Twins.

Palmeiro suspended. Man - that sucks.

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