Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Whatever Happened To Joel Pineiro?

Whatever happened to Joel Pineiro? Remember the Pineiro of 2001 - the one that gave up 50 hits in 75.1 innings? The one that only walked 6 and allowed 2 HR? The one with the ridiculous 2.03 ERA? The one that reitred the first 60 or so right handed batters that he faced?

Compare him to the Joel Pineiro of 2005 - the one that has given up 177 hits in 144 innings. The one who has walked 45 and allowed 21 HR. The one with the very poor 5.83 ERA.

It seems clear to this fan the the Mariners are faced with a choice concerning Mr. Pineiro. Do they hang on to him and hope that he regains his form - or do they cut him loose and try to find somebody to take his place in the rotation? Somebody who looks a lot more like the Pineiro of 2001.

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