Thursday, September 29, 2005

Game 158 - Sisyphus

Are you familiar with the myth of Sisyphus? The guy who was condemned to an eternity of rolling a boulder up a hill - only to have it fall back as he reached the pinnacle? Watching the Mariners these days is beginning to remind me of Sisyphus - futile and hopeless labor.

4 more games. At least we have Felix to look forward to on Sunday.

Edit: Here's a little nugget from the Mariner Notebook at the P.I. this morning:

"Bobby Madritsch will have an MRI today on the left shoulder he hurt April 6. Madritsch hasn’t had surgery, and had been throwing aggressively in the past month trying to come back from the injury. Last week, with pain in the shoulder, he was shut down – and the pain has not subsided. “I’m a mess,” Madritsch said. …"

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