Thursday, October 27, 2005

Weekly Update 10/27/05

We're back to the weekly update format that served us so well last year until ST. So let's hit it:
  • Wrap up from the Times concerning the coaching staff hirings. Ho-hum - let's talk starting pitching and left handed sock please.
  • Fluff piece from the P.I. concerning whether Eddie will be back next year. For the work he did in 2005, he was overpaid. There are guys on the 40 man roster right now that can close - spend that money elsewhere.
  • Baseball for 2005 is officially over since the WS concluded last night in Houston with a White Sox win.
  • USS Mariner reports that Daisuke Matsuzaka will not be posted this year. Bad news for us - good news for NPB fans.
  • Edit: Got to add this piece by Art Thiel in the P.I. this morning. Among many things I completely disagree with are his assertion that, speaking of Guardado, "the Mariners have no obvious successor to him on the 40-man roster." How about Soriano, Putz, or even Meche?

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