Friday, November 25, 2005

Weekly Update 11/25/05

Hope that everyone had a nice day yesterday - there's a lot to give thanks for.

The Mariners struck while the iron was hot last week and signed Kenji Johjima to a 3 year deal. I like this deal because it gives the team a legitimate starting catcher. I'm hoping that they hang on to Torrealba and give Rivera another season to get ready in AAA.

With Delgado and Thome heading elsewhere, the search for left hand sock continues. No news on the search for starting pitching either - perhaps the Winter Meetings will be the place where further trade/FA action happens.

Lots of speculation concerning a certain fella named Manny this week. Both the P.I. and The Times weigh in on the subject. While he is definitely one of the most awesome offensive forces in baseball, the monetary outlay would make it difficult (if not impossible) for the team to address the pitching issue. Just say no.

Edit: OTOH, if money is no object, then by all means go get him. Manny would not be bothered in the least by playing half his games at Safeco Field.

Friday, November 18, 2005

What I'm Reading Today

Just finished an awesome piece of writing (baseball related) over at Baseball Analysts. Take a few minutes to read it - I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Weekly Update 11/18/05

Lots of excitement in Mariner Land this week:

  • Jeff speculates that Johjima-san is a lock over at Lookout Landing. I'm onboard.
  • Ichiro! made some comments concerning his dissatisfaction with the team in 2005. I'm pleased that he decided to speak about this openly - perhaps the people that it was directed toward will get the hint and start applying themselves more diligently in 2006.
  • Cammy will be back in Safeco Field next season! Okay, wearing a Padres uniform, but I'm just saying.
  • It's beginning to look like we will have to wait for the Winter Meetings before we see any serious trade or FA action.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Weekly Update 11/11/05

Happy Veteran's Day! Be sure to say Thank You to any veterans that you may encounter today.

Lots of interesting information out there:

  • Larry Stone weighs in over at The Times.
  • Jon Paul Morosi writes a rather misguided piece over at The P.I..
  • Paul White has a few things to say over at USA Today.
  • Pro Sports Daily has a bunch of rumors - some links require registration. Of note is a New York Post article concerning Ichiro! (and full of speculation) - also a Philadelphia Inquirer article that discusses Trader Pat's upcoming moves (with emphasis on a Thome to Seattle scenario).

Hot Stove action really starting to heat up now - perhaps we will know some things for sure by next week. Stay tuned.

Edit: Almost forgot - wanted to post a link to MLB's Hot Stove Report.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What Did Jeff Say Today?

If you don't do anything else today, please take a few minutes to read Jeff's latest dose of common sense over at Lookout Landing. Thanks very much.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Weekly Update 11/04/05

Eddie Guardado will return in 2006, as reported in the Times. I wouldn't have minded if the Mariners let Eddie walk, since there are guys in the bullpen right now that could close for a lot less than $6.5M. I'd like to see what the rest of the moves are before I say that this was a bad move - as part of the bigger plan it may very well be acceptable.

Little Cruz signed a 1 year deal with the Dodgers today for $3.21M.

Larry Stone has an interesting piece in the Times today concerning the FA market. A few interesting names are mentioned, including Carlos Delgado.

Deanna posted an interesting tidbit concerning Brian Giles over at Seattle Marinerds today that might cool your jets a bit.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

At What Price Victory?

As a Mariners fan, I am frustrated. Two poor years. Two very poor years. Earlier today, I was actually arguing in favor of signing Rafael Palmeiro to an incentive laden deal to provide the "left hand sock" that the GM has been talking about.

Which leads me to pose the question - at what price victory? Is it wise to follow the White Sox model and sign the malcontents that nobody else wants? Should it matter whether players have integrity? Or should the primary focus be on winning?

I'm not sure. I argued in favor of Raffy mostly to counter the righteous indignation of some posters who wouldn't be caught dead signing a "cheater". I'm not so sure it's that big of a deal as far as I am concerned. If the guy can hit 30 HR and 125 RBI, I'm not so sure that I give a rat's ass about his personal belief system - or what PED he is using - or anything else besides what he can produce on the field. Some of that probably comes from 2 losing seasons - but part of it is also driven by the "what have you done for me lately" attitude that pervades our society.

This certainly goes in direct opposition to the Mariners "squeaky clean" brand of baseball. But hey - let's keep one very important thing in mind - the goal is winning the World Series. Go ask the White Sox.

Vote For Dave!!

It's time again for fan voting for the Ford C. Frick award. Please go over to The National Basseball Hall of Fame and cast your vote for Dave Niehaus (and two other deserving broadcasters of your choice).