Tuesday, November 01, 2005

At What Price Victory?

As a Mariners fan, I am frustrated. Two poor years. Two very poor years. Earlier today, I was actually arguing in favor of signing Rafael Palmeiro to an incentive laden deal to provide the "left hand sock" that the GM has been talking about.

Which leads me to pose the question - at what price victory? Is it wise to follow the White Sox model and sign the malcontents that nobody else wants? Should it matter whether players have integrity? Or should the primary focus be on winning?

I'm not sure. I argued in favor of Raffy mostly to counter the righteous indignation of some posters who wouldn't be caught dead signing a "cheater". I'm not so sure it's that big of a deal as far as I am concerned. If the guy can hit 30 HR and 125 RBI, I'm not so sure that I give a rat's ass about his personal belief system - or what PED he is using - or anything else besides what he can produce on the field. Some of that probably comes from 2 losing seasons - but part of it is also driven by the "what have you done for me lately" attitude that pervades our society.

This certainly goes in direct opposition to the Mariners "squeaky clean" brand of baseball. But hey - let's keep one very important thing in mind - the goal is winning the World Series. Go ask the White Sox.

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