Thursday, December 15, 2005

Weekly Update 12/15/05

It's a day early, but I wanted to get the update done today while some of my thoughts concerning recent events are relatively fresh.

With regard to the Carl Everett signing, I'm going the other way from most of the reaction that I've seen in the blogosphere so far. Everett hit more HR last year than all but one member of the 2005 Mariners. Everett had more RBI than all but 2 members of the 2005 Mariners. And after listening to the press conference yesterday, it's clear that Carl Everett has a burning desire to win. And winning is what it's all about my friends. Time will tell how good (or bad) this signing is. I'm also a little surprised at the righteous indignation over this signing. I thought that Seattle was a tolerant city - apparently not - at least when it comes to Carl Everett. For me, it's pragmatic - if he helps my ballclub win, then he's okay with me.

The lack of movement on the pitching front is beginning to be an item of concern. The FA names that have been mentioned as possible targets don't do much for me after you pass Kevin Millwood's name on the list. And Ponson? You must be kidding. But once again, I'm willing to give BB and Co. a chance to put their entire plan into action. There's plenty of time between now and ST to decide whether or not they have a good one.

Edit: The other point I wanted to make concerning Carl Everett is that freedom of expression is guaranteed by the Constitution - even when that opinion doesn't happen to agree with your personal belief system.


Larry said...

I agree with your sentiment about if he(everett) helps the team win then bring 'em on! Hopefully the relationship between he and Jaime will be amicable. Are you of the notion that they should spend the required amount of money on Millwood? After much thought,I would seriously consider giving Millwood/Boros what they are seeking, but maybe making the contract incentive laden (if possible). Just don't back load it, and end up paying him 30 million the last 2 years of the contract. I would not however, give up Reed for any contingency unless of course a top of the line cf were included in the mix. Hopefully BB has more sense than that!

irontech said...

Yeah, I think it's pretty important that they sign Millwood - but I would really hope that they can get it done for less than 5 years. That's scary, especially with a pitcher (ask Texas about Chan Ho Park).

Lots of info in the PI this morning concerning a possible Reed/Arroyo trade. I don't like that too much - but Reed/Clement is interesting. I might pull the trigger on that one if Boston is serious.

Larry said...

Just saw that the AP is saying the M's are close to a deal with Washburn, 4 yrs 35-40
mil. And they are still looking at ponson possibly.

irontech said...

Yeah - not sure that I really like the notion of giving Washburn a 4 year deal. Hopefully that won't come back to bite them. If Damon signs somewhere else, it looks like Reed for Arroyo. I'm really hoping that things work out - but I'm also starting to get concerned.