Thursday, December 29, 2005

Weekly Update 12/29/05

A nice article here by Dave Studeman over at The Hardball Times that discusses, among other things, the notion that better pitchers leave more runners on base. The methodology to evaluate this seems pretty strong. He also forecasts that Jarrod Washburn is "due for a big correction downward" - as for A.J. Burnett "upward correction in the forecast". I'm less optimistic about the Washburn signing this week than I was last week - especially after reading this.

The "trade Reed for x" rumors are heating up again. As more time goes by, I'm less and less enthusiastic about trading Reed. Show me an awesome deal and I may be inclined to change my thinking - but it better be an awesome deal.

I got a copy of Moneyball for Christmas (a little behind the times). It's a fascinating read so far - and enlightening as well.

Happy New Year! Sending along my wishes for happiness, health, and prosperity to you all.

Edit: Kevin Millwood ends up with the Rangers. If they actually ever do assemble a pitching staff, they will win a LOT of ballgames.

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Larry said...

Hope you and yours had a nice Christmas and New Year! I've been reading so much negativity on the M's signings, and know that the off season is where everyone can vent, but I think that we just have to wait and see what comes of the signings. Pitching and Defense are the two biggest items to concern myself with this year, and though I don't have a warm fuzzy about the Pitching, I don't feel as bad about the Defense. Give Ubet and Lopez a spring training together, and keep Reed in Center, and I think it's solid up the middle. Who knows, maybe Morse has improved enough in the offseason that he can be used in left along with the assortment of other folks. If Washburn can get 15-16 wins, and Moyer can also provide 14-15 wins, the rest of the SP can at least provide 45-50 wins, we might just come out a little over .500. I think that they just need to show improvement this year. Maybe one of those young pitchers that they have traded for or signed, will come into their own and make a genius out of BB. Take care my friend!