Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weekly Update 1/15/06

Edit: Just realized I posted the draft article - here's the finished piece (hopefully better than the draft!

Since there really hasn't been any news from the Mariners this past week, I thought that I would write a brief article about Moneyball, the book that many people love to hate, even though they have never read it. It was a Christmas gift, and I really couldn't wait to get started reading it. I certainly had some opinions about the book - mostly based on what I have heard in the mainstream media, and what I have read in the blogosphere. It was a fascinating read - some of my opinions have changed. I learned quite a few things. Among them:

  • In addition to Joe Morgan, I was surprised to learn that Pat Gillick was one of the major detractors of the book.
  • After reading about Billy Beane's unsuccessful playing career, I now understand why so many in the blogosphere are down on Greg Dobbs (looks the part - numbers don't match).
  • Another great example of how the Establishment marginalizes anything or anyone that they feel are threatening the status quo.
I could list more, but I want to encourage anyone who has not read this book to take the time to read it. It's not only about baseball. The concept of exploiting market weaknesses has been around for a while, but seeing the way in which Billy Beane and his staff implemented some clearly superior practices is inspiring. They certainly had to deal with a lot of negative pressure from the Baseball Establishment - yet they pressed on and showed that having a better plan will allow you to be successful.

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