Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Carl Speaks

The local NBC affiliate (KING) ran an interview with Carl Everett on the 5pm news last night. The piece contained some footage of Everett throwing, hitting and clowning around with Eddie Guardado. During the Q&A, Everett mentioned the reason he feels that he was brought in - namely that the team didn't have any desire last season - and that he felt that he could help instill the "winning attitude". He also said that if he was not smiling, it was a good idea to stay away from him. He said he didn't care if people liked him or not - he was here to win.

So I have to say that while watching this interview, a couple of things became clear for me:

  • Carl Everett is very well spoken and doesn't come off as a lunatic.
  • He identified the team's major problem in a single sentence and proposed the solution.
  • He appears to be very sincere in his desire to win.
To which I say, welcome aboard Carl! Where have you been for the last two years?

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