Friday, February 24, 2006


Please number me among the perplexed who are wondering why Raul Ibanez got a contract extension - to the tune of $11M. He's an okay player, but really. I think anybody who seriously considers the situation at this point must be asking who is driving the bus, and what kind of drugs is he taking?

Edit: Here's a link to the story over at The Times.

Edit: Or perhaps. Here's a link from The P.I. that indicates the deal isn't quite done yet.


Larry said...

I read an article recently that said that Ibanez was the heart of the clubhouse. Maybe it's the intangibles they are signing him for. He's still relatively young, can steal a base or two, hits for a decent average, and is pretty consistent. Could be worse, could be Jeff Cirillo or Scott Spezio waiting for lightning to strike.

irontech said...

Speaking of Spiezio, Larry Stone recently said:

"In various recent interviews, Spiezio has had the gall to intimate that his pathetic two-year stint with the Mariners was the fault of: a) stick-in-the-mud teammates who broke his spirit; and b) management that didn’t give him a fair shot; rather than c) an abject inability to perform."