Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cautiously Optimistic

I'm beginning to feel cautiously optimistic about the hometown nine. The news from the Cactus League has been mostly positive lately. Of particular note, the Mariners have been swinging the bats with authority - something that they had been completely incapable of the last two seasons. This alone gives me hope that the outcome for the 2006 campaign will be much improved. The pitching staff is still a matter of concern (at least the starters anyway), but generally things do appear to be on track.

Now that Team Japan is eliminated from WBC competition, we should see the return of Ichiro! Edit: Okay - so they aren't eliminated just yet. Although there have been some good games in the WBC, I don't think I care for the rules very much. *sigh*

Does anybody really think that Fernando Vina is going to play in even one Cactus League game?

How can the M's break camp without Petagine on the 25 man squad?

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Larry said...

Petagine hitting 500!, Lawton hitting 474! It's only spring training, It's only spring training, It's only spring training... Good to see that Bohn and Morse have live arms in the outfield, though where does either fit into the future plans? As long as there is a Carl Everett out there.... Nonetheless, there are some encouraging signs, and some roster dilemmas could be developing. Interesting that Heaverlo was released, another spot on the 40 man roster.