Sunday, March 12, 2006

The King Is Back

He wasn't really gone, but Felix Hernandez had an excellent outing in Peoria today. In addition to the King, J.J. Putz and Rafael Soriano both turned in good performances as well. Back to back home runs from Raul Ibanez and Roberto Petagine and a solo shot from Jeremy Reed - the hitters apparently did not want to be upstaged by the pitchers.

Long live The King!

In WBC action, Team USA played a close game against Team Japan today. It seemed like ex-Mariner day in Anaheim - with A-Rod delivering the game winner for Team USA. Nice to see Junior and Randy Winn as well. I'm starting to get into the WBC - especially after watching the game today.


Larry said...

Cautious Optimism, my hearts been broken one too many times. Reading the M's notes, and people raving about yuni and his glove and offensive potential. Appier seems to have settled down and could possibly take Sherrill's place. If petagine does make the squad, who doesn't? Interesting to note though, if the M's are in the penant race in Sept, and Felix is approaching 200 innings, will they continue to use him, even against thier projection of 200 or less innings for Felix. Lots of comparisons to Doc Gooden, who just got busted for coke again, I'm not so sure I like the comparison even though it is direcly related to baseball and not his personal proclivities.

irontech said...

Yeah - I think Petagine does present a real problem for the club now. One would imagine that he *must* make the squad with his hot bat - but I am wondering the same thing you are - who will not make the club in order to make room for Petagine?