Friday, March 24, 2006

The King Shines

Nice game in Peoria last night. Manager Hargrove had what looked to be close to the opening day lineup on the field. The King was the star of the show - keeping the Diamondbacks off balance with 3 devastating pitches. He added 8 K's to the list, and appeared to be in complete control.

The bats were lively as well, with a total of 4 runs on 13 hits. Ichiro! continues to show why he is such a special player. Adrian Beltre looks so much better in the batter's box as compared to last season. Betancourt, Reed and Lawton all were impressive.

My optimism is a little less cautious.

Edit: Make sure you check out Dave's piece over at the Hardball Times. It's sure to make you a little less cautiously optimistic!

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