Monday, April 10, 2006

The Los(s)t Weekend

There are no two ways about it - it was tough being a Mariner fan over this last weekend. After a promising opening series win against the Angels, the A's came to town and had their way with the hometown nine (pretty much). Although there are lots of good things about this team, there are some pretty significant bad ones as well. And with a road trip to Cleveland and Boston coming up, I'm not feeling particularly good about the team at this juncture.

So what happened to Adrian Beltre - he of the 4 home runs during the WBC? Carl Everett has not resembled a "left hand sock". Pitching has been a real mixed bag (well I guess we were expecting that anyway). So I liked the team a lot better when they were 3-1 rather than now when they are 3-4. Let's see what happens on the road.

Edit: Here's an interesting piece from the P.I. today that discusses the hitting woes of a certain third baseman that may be of interest.


Larry said...

Hard to believe we were feeling a little delirium prior to the weekend. Though I have far from given up, I am a little confused as to why on Friday, Grover sits Lopez when he is red hot and inserts WFB. Why not leave Lopez at second, and put WFB at third. And then he lets Everett hit on Saturday and Sunday, when he could have rested him and used Petagine, at least shake up the lineup. Definitely couldn't have been any worse hitwise. Starting pitching hasn't been all that bad, and bullpen is starting to come around. Should be a revealing road trip, hopefully the end of Sundays game will carry over. Good to see the Yanks stumble out of the gate though!!!!

irontech said...

Yeah - they say that Hargrove moves in mysterious ways! I too am wondering why we haven't seen more of Petagine.