Monday, April 03, 2006

Oh Those Bases On Balls!

As Mr. Niehaus pointed out on the radio broadcast from Safeco Field today, those bases on balls spoiled what would have been a game winning home run from Roberto Petagine. Nice to see Peta come off the bench and take one out - a harbinger of good things to come.

Not a bad game, although it would have been nice to open the campaign with a W. Johjima-san probably convinced anybody who wasn't sure about him today - he's for real. The late innings did have a bit of deja-vu feel to them - George and J.J. struggled.


PositivePaul said...

To be fair, ANY pitcher would struggle when they have to throw more than 3 strikes to get a strikeout. I cringe as much as the next guy when Putz walks in from the 'pen (perhaps even moreso because of his knack for allowing runners he inherits from GS52 to score), but he had Figgins struck out twice before losing him to a walk.

When Chone stole second with 2 strikes on O-Cab, I just knew that it would be bad for the M's. Had he not stolen second, he might not've scored on O-Cab's single. Petagine's HR would've tied it. Too bad no one was covering second on Figgins' stolen base. Johjima would've thrown him out (again -- first time being in ST). I thought that it might've been scored as indifference (with two strikes and two outs), but evidently it wasn't.

But, yeah. Walks will hurt you a ton.

irontech said...

Yeah, I wrote that entry before I had a chance to watch the replay on FSN. Looks like both George and J.J. may have been squeezed a bit by the gentleman in blue.

Larry said...

Say all you want about the 9th, but if they would have scored like they should have in the 6th, we wouldn't be talking about this at all. Bases loaded, no outs, this team has to capitalize on those situations, that's just what winning teams do. If nothing else, a deep fly ball scores someone from 3rd. Bravo Peta and Kenji, with Lopez also having a good game. Let's see if they can come back this evening.

irontech said...

Indeed! That inability to score when you ought to has plagued this team for the last several years - I am really hoping that this year's club can avoid this. Last night's game (4/4) gives me hope.