Thursday, April 27, 2006

Series Win - Always A Good Thing

A series win is always a good thing in my book. Especially when it comes unexpectedly. The old adage about good pitching beating good hitting was certainly true in this series. Although there are many areas of concern, there are some very good reasons to remain optimistic:

  1. King Felix
  2. Jarrod Washburn!
  3. The Bullpen (less Guardado)
  4. Jose Lopez
I could go on, but you get the idea. This team is still capable of attaining respectability this season. If the big guns get on track, look out.

More words of wisdom from the inimitable Dr. Detecto.

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Larry said...

Actually, this years team has been mediocre at best most of the time, with a few very bright spots. As if I haven't said it enough, the middle infield (though I don't get to see them play) seems to be a strength for years to come. I guess Yuni's run scoring hit late in the game convinced Grover that he's not a bad hitter. Looks like Adrian is swinging the bat a little better, and Ichiro is back on track. Joel has been doing quite well, and seems to be hitting his stride, and I agree with the fact Jerrod is a good fit. Looks like Joel just pitched a CG. I'm interested to see this Green kid, if he pans out, Julio and Gil could be trade bait for a starter if the M's stay close.