Saturday, April 08, 2006


I suppose one of the things that I love most about baseball is its unpredictability. Whenever I feel like I have a good handle on what is about to happen in a game, the result veers wildly and something completely different actually happens. Which is exactly what went on at Safeco Field last night.

King Felix was obviously not in complete command, although his line was not particularly bad. It was clear that he didn't have the type of control that has been so devastating until now. Julio Mateo had a disappointing appearance as well - perhaps his absence during ST accounts for that. Sherrill and Harris looked good - although it was too late by then because the hitters never did figure out Joe Blanton.

Just as it has happened many times over the last several years, the M's hitters made a journeyman pitcher look like a legitimate Cy Young candidate.

So what will happen tonight when Jamie Moyer faces off against Barry Zito? Ah, that's the beauty of this game - it's so unpredictable!

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