Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Where Fore Art Thou Petagine?

I think that I will ask this question until Mike Hargrove provides a satisfactory answer - why has Roberto Petagine had only 2 PA's so far? And in those 2 PA's, he has a home run and a walk. As a manager trying to win ballgames, would you leave such a potent weapon sitting on your bench? Would you try to expand your thought horizons and find a way to get this potent weapon into the lineup? Can you believe how many rhetorical questions have been added to this post?

I certainly don't mean to suggest that Roberto Petagine is THE ANSWER to what ails the Mariners, but I do think that he could play a major role in getting the offense turned around.


Ira sacharoff said...

I've been wondering the same thing. Hargrove has no problem getting Willie Bloomquist plate appearances or starts, but Peta?
Maybe Carl Everett needs a day off? Or a week? Or a season?

Larry said...

Seems pretty obvious to me that ol' Grover has a soft spot for Carl, and doesn't want to hurt his psyche. This evening, Carl is o'fer, and Yuni is 2 for 3, so he pinch hits for Yuni and lets Carl swing away. I don't get to see the games, but what am I missing?

irontech said...

And then Petagine gets an AB and doubles!