Monday, May 01, 2006

On To The Twin Cities

Another series win! As Jeff mentions over at Lookout Landing today, the team is creating a lot of cognitive dissonance for me this season (probably for you too). They are playing good ball at times - and even when they win it mostly comes as a surprise.

A certain ex-catcher was really badmouthing Ramon Hernandez on the TV broadcast yesterday. The words "lazy" and "lackadaisical" were used - which actually surprised me. You almost never hear a former player talk about a current player in those terms. Of course, in this case, Mr. Valle was absolutely correct - as evidenced by the poor effort displayed by Hernandez when faced with Richie Sexson heading for a collision.

A new month begins today. Hopefully some of the players who have been less than satisfactory will find a way to get their jobs done.

Is Eddie done? If I'm Bill Bavasi, the choice is clear. J.J. closes - Eddie moves to LH setup.

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