Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Typical Night In Oakland

The Mariners got rolled in Oakland last night. It wasn't pretty. Felix didn't make his pitches, the normally sure-handed Adrian Beltre committed a costly error and the hitters (well, most of the hitters) didn't bother showing up at all.

Consider these sad lines - Beltre 0-3 1K, Sexson 0-3 1K GIDP, Everett 1-4 CS. If it hadn't been for Lopez and Ibanez, the night would have been a total disaster.

I'm still optimistic, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. The club needs to do something soon - before it's too late (again).

Edit: Check out Dave's post over at USS Mariner for a detailed discussion of Felix's performance last night. So I stand corrected - it wasn't that Felix was not making pitches - it's that Felix had a bad gameplan.

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