Monday, June 05, 2006

A Cautionary Tale

USA Today is running a great article today concerning Ryan Anderson and what he's up to these days. It just goes to show that being a number one pick doesn't always turn out the way that we might expect.


bbhimom=2553471670 said...

Nice to see what Ryan's up to these days. Such a shame his career never was able to get off the ground- he definitely had talent.

Any thoughts on the M's new draft pick? He was Cal's ace, but could work better as a reliever? His delivery looks like trouble, AND he's diabetic?

Well, he aint no Ryan Anderson, at least....

irontech said...

I don't really sweat draft picks too much. Too many variables - as in the case of Mr. Anderson. I think Morrow might be the only guy that the club thought they could sign for the money they had allocated. Time will tell.