Thursday, June 29, 2006

High Water Mark

Since the team is currently playing winning baseball, it's probably time to think about what comes next. Dave over at USS Mariner has done just that - it's a long article but definitely worth a read. My impressions:

  • Bringing up Doyle and letting him and Ibanez play LF/DH is an awesome idea. It makes the club better. Dave didn't mention this, but if Everett is going to slide to the bench, it's buh-bye to Petagine.
  • Getting a solid middle reliever is a must! I can't stand to watch Mateo any more - he just doesn't inspire my confidence - so you know Grover is not impressed.
  • Getting rid of Pineiro would be another move that makes the team better - as long as it can be accomplished at little or no cost. Got to agree that the fifth starter is not that important - the LF/DH situation and a solid middle reliever should be the top priorities.

Watching Mariner baseball is fun again. Bill Bavasi better make sure he does what is required to keep this team rolling - the division is theirs for the taking!

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