Saturday, June 17, 2006

J.J. vs. Barry

It was an excellent game at Safeco Field last night. To me, the most exciting and compelling part of the game came at the very end, when J.J. Putz faced Barry Bonds. J.J. was protecting a 1 run lead - and Barry Bonds is more than capable of tying the game with one swing. It was a classic confrontation - power pitcher vs. power hitter. J.J. prevailed in the end (that splitter was filthy). I also think that this appearance will cement J.J.'s installation as the closer - and also signal the end of the road for the former closer.

For those of you that can follow the Mariners on FSN, can you believe the difference between Matt Morrison and Brad Adam? Morrison did the pregame shows on the last road trip - and he was awful (no surprise there - he stunk last year too). Brad Adam is everything that Matt Morrison is not - smooth, polished, articulate.

Will somebody please explain to Dave Valle the difference between "prostate" and "prostrate". Geez.

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