Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Random Stuff

Nice finish to a fun game to watch last night. There, I said it, fun. Despite all the bad feelings that I still have about this team, they are playing some pretty good baseball right now. And they are fun to watch.

A bit of sad news - looks like Jeff Nelson may be done.

Speaking of done, will somebody please stick a fork in Eddie Guardado?

Edit: And for another take on last night's game, please check out the awesome Anne Ursu, aka Batgirl.

Edit: Also must make a comment regarding Boof Bonser. We had a miniature Schnauzer named Boofer - he was an awesome dog. When Dave Niehaus called Boof "Boofer" last night, it really reminded me how much I miss my old friend.

Edit: Click here to see how good Ichiro! really is.

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