Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pinch Me!

Just want to make sure I'm really awake - the Mariners have arrived at the .500 mark! And they have done it in a methodical, explosive and exciting fashion. Don't want to get too effusive here, but this club is on a roll. Some bullets would seem to be in order:

  • It would appear that Kenji Johjima can be as streaky as any hitter in baseball. No worries - I really like what he's doing right now.
  • Dr. Detecto has an interesting piece on some possible acquisitions. The Doc also sings the praises of Raul Ibanez - count me as a believer.
  • Mike Hargrove tried really hard to lose the game in Phoenix last night. Thanks goodness the hitters stepped up and didn't let him. Sheesh.

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