Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Update - This & That

So our good friends over at USS Mariner suffered a serious equipment casualty the other day. Bottom line - DMZ is asking for donations. Help them out if you can (I did).

Not going to make any further comments on the Chris Snelling situation until I get some more information. The facts that I know right now don't really add up - must be a piece of the puzzle still missing.

So what's the status of the ballclub? Seems to me that with our new platooning DH's, we are pretty much good for a run on the division with the exception of one solid, impact starting pitcher. With our playoff staff consisting of King Felix, Moyer/Meche (take your pick) and one solid starter, we could conceivably get it done if we get hot at the right time. I'm just saying. Of course this also presupposes that Julio Mateo never makes another appearance in a high leverage situation.

Edit: Paul provides a Chris Snelling update (with pics).

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