Monday, July 17, 2006

How Long Will He Last?

How much longer will Mike Hargrove last? After giving away the last 2 games by his poor bullpen management, let's hope it won't be too long. Here's a link to a post over at SportSpot that articulates quite well what may be in the works. Good work Steve (as usual).

Edit: And truth be told, both of those games could easily have gone the other way were it not for some outstanding defensive plays made by Toronto. Eventually some of those balls will have to drop in for the Mariners.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing how just about everyone can see the problem except for management. What does that say about management? Interesting comments in your link though I would much prefer to see Hargrove gone, at least Bavasi has attempted to beef up the farm system and add a player here and there, no one thought that this was going to be a playoff year anyway. Most people were just looking for noticeable improvement. We need a manager who is willing to work with the young kids, and suffer through a few mistakes in order to make a viable team for years to come instead of shooting for a first round playoff exit this year and next. Interesting how Minnesota and Oakland manage to vie for the playoffs year after year with youngsters. I say show Grover the door with a swift kick in the pants!!!