Sunday, July 02, 2006


Another awesome Mariner win last night at Safeco Field. Nice to see the team keep scratching until they get the win. In spite of Joel Pineiro and Mike Hargrove. Nice.

The Division is theirs for the taking.

Or not. Another game that slipped away today thanks to Mike Hargrove. Okay, perhaps that is a bit harsh. Shall we say that Mike Hargrove was one of the major contributors to today's loss? The injury to Reed may shake things up a bit - is Snelling on his way back up?

Dave Cameron over at USS Mariner provides the solution to the problem posed by Reed's injury. Check it out - I am in complete agreeement. And one additional link - John McGrath over at the TNT has a interesting piece this morning. I especially like his reference to "Team Sisyphus" - sweet. But blaming Ichiro! for Reed's injury may be pushing things a bit too far.

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