Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Return Of The Aussie

Official word from the Mariners - Chris Snelling has been called up. Carl Everett was designated for assignment. Excellent.

Edit: In case you aren't stoked about this news, check out Dr. Detecto's latest post concerning young Mr. Snelling.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Grover gave them an ultimatum, "if you DFA Carl, I'm gone too!" nice thought don't you think. Maybe someone in the Mariner org. does read blogs. After all, if you make the fans happy, you'll likely bring more to the ballpark. Carl had a fork stuck in him a long time ago, and Perez appears to be a much better ambassador and club house presence than Carl was anyway. Interesting predicament for Grover though, the team is slowly losing it's veteran core, and he's a veteran loving coach.

Iron Tech said...

Although the local papers have all gone out of their way to mention that Everett was well liked in the clubhouse. But as you correctly point out, he's been unable to hit because of that fork sticking out of his back. :D