Monday, July 03, 2006

Thoughts On Injuries, Idiots

Jeremy Reed is hurt. This creates a problem for the Mariners. The solution (as expressed elsewhere) is simple. Move Ichiro! to CF - call up Choo or Snelling to play RF. If that signals the end of the Jeremy Reed era in Seattle, so be it. Reed has "not hit" his way out of the lineup in my opinion.

Rafael Soriano is hurt. Maybe. Or maybe not. Not sure what to make of the various statements made yesterday. But history tells us that no matter what the club says, he probably is hurt. The need for help in the bullpen has just increased.

So what to make of Mike Hargrove? Is he trying to piss the GM off? Does he not care about winning ballgames? Is there something wrong with his cognition? I can't begin to express how mad I got yesterday afternoon as he let Ibanez and Reed face Brian Fuentes (who has turned out to be a pretty good pitcher, by the way. What sack of shit was he traded for?). I'm beginning to think that Perez is going to rot on the bench alongside Petagine. These managerial lapses can only hurt the ballclub. Let's hope the FO wakes up in time and fires Mike Hargrove before he derails the season.

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