Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chris Snelling

Now that we know that Rafael Soriano is going to be okay, I wanted to post a few things concerning Chris Snelling.

  • He's the Bobby Madritsch of 2006 - the guy who came in late in the season and caused everyone to take notice.
  • Snelling's approach at the plate is impeccable. He goes up there with an idea and executes.
  • His enthusiasm is contagious. One could say that joie de vivre is the perfect descriptor.
  • Whether at the plate or in the field, his hard nosed, old school style of play is just what the doctor ordered for a team that many might describe as moribund.


Anonymous said...

So, what do you think, is Snelling leadoff material? I know you believe that Ichiro is a staple on the team, but I wonder if his heart is with this team or he feels that it is taking too long to get to where he thought the team would be by now. He's tailed off quite a bit offensively this past month, and seems to be just playing out the string. I know Chris needs to stay healthy for a while, but do you think the potential is there. I think there are potentially 2 lead off men besides Ichiro, Snelling and Betancourt. Sorry if it seems I am ragging on Ichiro, but after his comments before the season, I've been wondering for a while now if he's really content playing on this team. It's got to be painful for him to miss the playoffs consistently. I still think his trade value is huge, and there is at least one starting pitcher and good young outfielder out there somewhere. (the Mets, with Milledge and a starter) I know this is sacrilege, but this is what blogs are for!


Iron Tech said...

I hear you. I'm not quite ready to give up on Ichiro! just yet - and I really like Snelling hitting second behind him. You know me - never say never - but I suspect that Ichiro! will play in Seattle for as long as he feels like it. Did you see the piece in the Times today that discusses Ichiro! and Johjima? Interesting piece - check it out.

Iron Tech said...

Here's the link: