Monday, August 07, 2006

Gloom And Doom - Not!

Lots of gloom and doom in the M's blogosphere today. Granted, that sweep by Oakland has left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, but I'm not quite ready to give up just yet. Outside of the last three games, the club has been playing pretty decent baseball for the last 3 weeks. Although the sweep was not an optimal outcome, there are still a lot of games left to play. Check back with me in a couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Put me down in the Gloom and Doom category. This team is just too much like Jeckyl and Hyde, one week scoring 7-8 rpg, and the next 1-2. Gil Meche who doesn't seem to appreciate an early lead because he always seems to give it back, The ever mysterious Joel Piniero, Richie, I can sustain it for more than 2 games, Sexson. Even Ichiro who had 2 great months and seems to be in a bit of a slump again, or at least he isn't picking up RISP. (Then again, neither is the rest of the team). I know I have been riding him all year, but why does Grover put his closer into the game with the M's down 2 runs, and mounting a rally in the 9th. Doesn't it seem prudent to hold him out until the team gets a lead and then put him out there to shut the door when they've gained the lead? I still think that this team is headed in the right direction, but they lack the vision of a winning team. This team reminds me of a ship heading out on WestPac without a quartermaster, and a good set of charts. They get out of the harbor OK, but once they lose sight of the coast, they're in trouble. Gotta love it though cause they have a lot of pieces in place for the future, needing only to add some pitching and a coach with some good instincts.


Iron Tech said...

Actually, I kinda liked that move of bringing J.J. into that game. Shows me that Grover was confident that his team could come back in the bottom half and win it (and they almost did!!).