Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ichiro! - Front And Center

Although I am still mired in the gloom that has come along with the M's losing streak, there was this little piece of hopeful news contained within Larry Stone's column in the Times today:

Encouragingly, Bavasi indicated that the Ichiro-in-center scenario will continue.

"He's going to remain there for now," he said. "He likes it. It appears he's pretty comfortable out there, and good at it. After the bus got in [Sunday night] from Anaheim, that was the discussion Mike and Ichiro were having, and it sounds like he's going to stay there."

Now that's something to be happy about, even with the Yankees coming to town.


Anonymous said...

Would it just astonish you to see the M's sweep the Yanks. (Not likely, but worth pulling all your remaining hair out over). The Lowe move was necessary, but probably not Grovers suggestion. Time for the Auditioning process to begin. With Snelling out of options, looks like we'll see him up for good including next year. Knock-on-wood, he stays healthy and can create offense like no one else on this team. If he starts hitting, I wonder if he goes to the #2 spot, and they move Lopez to #8. I bet we don't see Bloomquist playing much centerfield any time soon, so that means he splits time with Lopez at 2nd. The offseason should be entertaining, hopefully it starts quickly (once the season ends).


Iron Tech said...

Heh - wouldn't surprise me a bit!