Friday, August 11, 2006

Road Trip Report - Game 1

Not what I would call off to a good start.

I just can't understand why Mike Hargrove continues to use Julio Mateo in high leverage situations. I really don't care about his improved delivery mechanics - he just isn't reliable in the high leverage appearances anymore. Needless to say, if Pineiro had been banished to the bullpen, and somebody like Francisco Cruceta called up to take his place in the rotation, perhaps none of this would have been necessary.

Both Dave at USS Mariner and Jeff at Lookout Landing drive home the point of how absurd it was for Mike Hargrove to bring Mateo into that game last night. Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

Though it's frustrating, especially the Mateo thing, I think the blame lies on the head of Piniero who had trouble getting out of the 2nd inning. Lack of quality starting pitching, and the overuse of the bullpen more than likely led to the current problems. Again tonight with Meche walking 6 in the first frame it's a little much for any team to overcome. Guess Meche is showing his true colors, as was reported over at USSM would eventually happen. So if we have only 2 serviceable pitchers for next year, with Washburn being questionable for one of the 2, that means some off season scrounging for some inning eating arms (I am sure Ryan Franklin will be available)nf (not funny). This team is an odd one.


Iron Tech said...

Yes indeed, it's clear that the starting pitchers are going to be the number one area for improvement this Winter.