Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Road Trip Report - Game 5

After the fact, I'm actually thinking that it would have been nice if the game in Oakland last night had not been televised. In spite of the fact that the Mariners made a fairly good showing through 7 innings, the bottom of the 8th was painful. Oh well, it's all about playing out the string now anyway.

Ben Broussard and Mark Lowe. Two names that will make a very positive impact on this team next season.


Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on what Chavez has done with the M's pitching staff? I know how you feel about Grover, but how much does he dictate policy to Chavez about how pitchers will be used etc...It's interesting to think that Grover could actually be the mastermind behind this complete collapse. Heck, lets blame him anyway! At the beginning of the season, I felt WFB wasn't given much respect by any blog, but after seeing this year, I would have to say there's definitely grounds for those feelings now. Though he did just hit a homer and double recently.
The need for productive bench players is crucial to this team, and sentiment needs to be thrown out the window.


Iron Tech said...

I'd say the chances are pretty good now that we will see a new manager and new coaching staff next year.