Friday, August 18, 2006

Road Trip Report - Game 8

There actually were a couple of semi-positive things in last night's loss. It took a hitter like Vlad to finally get to Mark Lowe. And it was good seeing Chris Snelling take a hack in a Major League uniform again.

Edit: Here's a nice article by John McGrath over at the TNT that might help pick up your spirits a bit this morning.


Anonymous said...

I heard there was a team meeting after the game in Los Angeles. Must have been able to hear a pin drop in there. I'm sure no one stepped up and said anything as the kinder, gentler Mariners most likely put their hands together and gave a 2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate cheer for the AL West. Oh well, the saving grace had to have been Snelling's reappearance in a M's uniform. Just a thought, and one that could get me hung in a crowd of Mariner fans, but maybe a possible trade of ICHIRO for a #1 starter would wake up this team. I like ICHIRO as much as the next guy, but something has to give here. Do you think Betancourt or Lopez have the tools to be a leadoff man?


Iron Tech said...

Actually I think the guy to get moved is Sexson - should bring a TOR pitcher in return and Perez/Broussard can platoon at 1st. That frees Ibanez to DH and Snelling can take over in LF. Can't see dealing Ichiro! - he's unique and you just aren't going to find another player that can match him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments, but I'm not sure sexson would bring a TOR pitcher, and he's likely to be moved anyway to free up money for a TOR pitcher. By the way, I'm not sure how to shorten the URL for that ESPN article, so if you want to read it,

He talks about how Grover has abused Lowe and Soriano. Also, a leader in the clubhouse is essential to this team moving past the rest of the division.