Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bavasi And Hargrove To Return

Here's a link to Derek's post over at USS Mariner with the text of the letter that was sent out to season ticket holders today along with Derek's commentary.

I'm not too concerned about this turn of events (Edit: What can I do anyway? The FO has made their decision.). It's much more important to make sure that the holes in the current lineup are addressed over the Winter. A post or two concerning what needs to be done (aside from keeping Sexson and losing Meche and Pineiro) will be forthcoming during the next week or so.


Iron Tech said...

Here's some perspective from Jeff over at Lookout Landing:

"Now the pressure's just on Bavasi to build an idiot-proof roster, like the one that gave Bob Brenly a ring in 2001, and while that may seem like a difficult task, you'd be surprised how far you can go with a 1-2 punch of Matsuzaka and an effective Felix. No matter who's coaching."

Larry said...

I would agree with the sentiment expressed by Jeff, but only hope that the experience of this year is something that Felix can build on, and not something that drags him down. Keeping the heart of the team together bodes well if they have established some chemistry this season (hard to tell from Texas). I know I harp on this too much, but I believe that when you're learning how to win, you can't have other distractions in the clubhouse, and if you do, someone has to step in and settle things down. I guess I'm a little surprised that there hasn't been much contention amongst the players and Grover. Seems that for the most part, everyone is content in the clubhouse. What are your observations? Do they like Grover? This offseason should be interesting at best, because I think a few big acquisitions must be made to get this team on track. Guess I'll hold my breath.


Iron Tech said...

Haven't heard anything - Grover and Ichiro! have been seen together laughing and joking so it would appear that things are okay in the clubhouse.