Friday, September 15, 2006

An Ill Wind

Contained within the M's Notebook over at The Times today is the following quote that fills me with dread:

"Mariners manager Mike Hargrove and general manager Bill Bavasi are already shopping for the field boss' new bench coach for next season. Hargrove said on Thursday that he and Bavasi 'have a list of names that we'll go over — that we've started going over. And we'll fill that spot.'

The development is an interesting one, given all the previous speculation about whether Hargrove would, in fact, be fired at season's end. It would seem a waste of time to include Hargrove in a search for his own bench coach if he is not in the plans for 2007."

I can't guarantee that I will pay any attention to this team next season if Hargrove is still around managing it. Edit: Of course, there is nothing here that says for sure that Hargrove will be back - but it certainly does strongly imply that that will be the case. And Larry LaRue seems to think that Grover will be around in 2007. Argh.

On an unrelated note, the team really needs to do something about Ichiro! and his horrid baserunning. You all know that I'm a big Ichiro! fan, but enough is enough. Edit: To be fair, the team has been pretty craptastic on the basepaths this year. I still maintain that this is a coaching staff issue.


Anonymous said...

To be fair, video replays support Ichiro's claim that Garcia was waving Lopez home. As soon as Lopez was about to touch 3rd base, he put up the stop.

Larry said...

Yea, if I was a season ticket holder, I would have to think twice about spending my money to see Grover coach again. On the other hand, Richie is scalding the ball lately. Too little too late, but nonetheless he's making a case to keep him on next year. I do believe that the reason for this team being so schizophrenic this year, is undoubtedly the coaching staff. With Grover being the head man, how can management justify keeping him on another year?

Time will tell.