Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Looking Ahead - Richie Sexson

Richmond Lockwood Sexson. Looking forward to the 2007 campaign, the question of whether to move him certainly must be asked. Since the All-Star break, Sexson has put up a .305/.377/.584 line. In the month of September, he's looking even better with a .361/.429/.694 line. He's 31 years old, and has 2 years remaining on his deal ($14M per). If he continues to produce at his current rate, then it would take a pretty awesome offer for me to part with him.


Anonymous said...

True, so true! He has looked great of late, but that doesnt mean we don't have trade bait. If only one thing has materialized this year, it's the abundance of tradeable players the M's appear to have. Reed in the OF, Perez at DH/1B, hopefully Bloomquist (not so tradeable), and your favorite, Mateo. Those 3/4 could fetch some bench help or a #4 starter. And if Richie goes, even more could come the M's way. By the way, a pretty good article over at ESPN by jim caple. It's about the players the M's would like to forget. I need to learn to shorten URL's.



Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that he was hitting so well in the second half of the season. However, I still think I'd take a bag of balls for him. Look at the situation. He gets $14 million/year for 2 more seasons, and he's 31. We have Broussard/Perez, and to play first base, and even Ibanez if necessary. With that sort of coin, we could sign a LH DH with power and have some $ left over to put toward the starting pitchers we need.