Friday, October 20, 2006

McLaren Rejoins M's

As reported in The Times this morning, John McLaren will be Mike Hargrove's bench coach for the 2007 campaign. This is a surprise - I'm sure most people felt sure that McLaren would follow Lou to the Cubs. Guess this means he will have a shot at the M's job when Hargrove is not asked to return for 2008.


Larry said...

See, there you go again, making assumptions. So what if McLaren makes Hargrove a better manager and in the process, the Mariners (with a few key additions) advance to the playoffs. The scenario only looks good for Hargrove if McLaren is effective as the bench coach. Unless, Hargrove just completely bungles his way through the season and the M's lose 90 games again. A big positive is that McLaren has already established a repoire (sp) with quite a few of the M's, players, and is anxious to get started. Come-on spring training.


Iron Tech said...

You can't blame a guy for dreaming. :D