Sunday, November 26, 2006

Alienating The Fans

If I may presume to speak in generalities, I've got the feeling that signing Willie Bloomquist to a contract extension as your first move of the off-season is probably not going to sit very well with many people. As a matter of fact, it may just tend to piss a few people off. After the last couple of dismal seasons, I think most fans are looking for some sort of sign that things are going to get better in 2007. So far, the results are not promising.

Thanks to all who have expressed their sympathies concerning the passing of my Mom. Your kind words were truly helpful during a very difficult time.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A Personal Note

My Mom passed away last Friday night. She was 87, and her death was not unexpected. I miss her already, but I know I will really miss her once Spring Training starts. You see, my Mom was a huge fan of the Mariners. Even after all of her favorites (Dan, Edgar, Bone, Jr., Jamie) were gone, she still hung on as a fan. Even after the last several seasons that were disappointing to say the least, she continued to watch every game and cheer them on or call them bums when the situation dictated. We spent many hours watching the Mariners, and I know that I will always cherish those memories. Rest in peace Mom.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Baseball Withdrawal

It's not even mid-November and I'm already freaking out because there's no baseball. Between the mid-term elections, stupid game shows and the 1-4 Sonics, it hasn't been a good start to the off season. Finding out that the Mariners decided not to go after Matsuzaka-san didn't help matters either.

There have been lots of posts in the blog-o-sphere concerning roster construction for the 2007 campaign. Some have been pretty good (Nomar for DH) and others not so good (Adam Eaton). Mr. Bavasi certainly has a daunting task in front of him. One more losing season is not an option - he is going to have to put the pieces in place for a successful season or the sky will certainly put a bump on his noggin.

Will try to post from time to time, but some issues at home will prevent more than an occasional outburst for the next several months. Hopefully by the time 2007 rolls around, there will be some good news to talk about.