Thursday, December 28, 2006

RJ Returning?

There's been some interesting speculation published recently concerning a possible return of Randy Johnson to Seattle (perhaps this will be the new version of the 'annual Junior returns to Seattle story' now that Bob Finnigan is no longer writing for The Times). In any event, there seem to be two distinct schools of thought on the issue. On the "no way" side, Larry Stone of The Times says the following:

"If the Mariners wind up getting shoved out of the Zito market, it might turn out to be a blessing in disguise, saving them from making a near $100 million commitment to a pitcher who some analysts predict is at the precipice of a decline.

Of course, the Mariners thought the same thing about another left-hander nearly a decade ago."

On the "damn skippy" side, Dave from USS Mariner says "Yes, Please" - and goes on to say:

"Johnson isn’t an an all-star anymore, but he’s still a very effective starting pitcher, better than any of these clowns who are getting long term, big money deals as free agents this winter."

I'm not convinced that RJ would ever consider coming back to Seattle. I remember well the acrimony that surrounded his departure for the Astros. Besides, I don't think the Yankees will let him go without some very major compensation is the way of prospects - and that's something the Mariners can ill afford to give.

I'm still hoping that Bill Bavasi has some bigger plan in mind.

Edit: This bit of late breaking news from ESPN - Zito signs with San Francisco for an unbelievable 7 year $18M per deal. Yikes. No thanks. More power to the Giants.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Here's a completely non-baseball post wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and health, joy and prosperity in the coming New Year!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's Going To Be A Long Year

The Winter certainly hasn't been anything close to what many of us expected. Instead of Dice-K and J.D. Drew, we have Miguel Batista and Jose Vidro. We no longer have Chris Snelling and Rafael Soriano. Barring any more deals, it would appear that the Mariners will be another mediocre baseball team in 2007 - certainly not a contender. Perhaps the good news contained within that bad news is that in 2008 there will be a new GM and Manager (and hopefully President and CEO) to attempt to get the club back on track. The current group is just not getting the job done. It would also not surprise me if the 2008 season is an Ichiro!-less season if the 2007 club performs at the level of the 2006 club.

It is the winter of our discontent. Can the club do anything between now and the start of the regular season to improve their chances? Of course they can - and hopefully they will. Right now things do not look very promising. Please Bill Bavasi - prove me wrong!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

M's Trade Snelling and Fruto - For Jose Vidro?

USS Mariner reports that the Winter just got a little wackier with the M's trading Chris Snelling and Emiliano Fruto to the Nats for Jose Vidro. I'm speechless. It has to be part of a bigger deal. It has to be. Just when I was trying to feel good about no more Pineiro, now this. Sheesh.

Edit: Okay, Geoff Baker of the Times says that Vidro was acquired to become the full time DH. And this is supposed to make me feel better?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Maybe Not

Earlier this week, I was feeling pretty optimistic. Now, not so much. As I have said many times before in this venue, I don't really like looking at one deal in isolation and making pronouncements about the upcoming season. I prefer to see the entire plan unfold and then make a judgement concerning its relative merit. So I'm trying extra hard this year not to jump off the deep end and declare the 2007 campaign over. But I will say that so far I'm not particularly encouraged.

Edit: Have a look at Larry Stone's piece in the Times this morning. He has a much more eloquent take on the current situation than I was able to muster.

And Larry Dobrow over at CBS Sportsline gets in on the act today. I'm really beginning to get concerned.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Now That's More Like It!

Finally, some good news to report concerning the hometown nine. From The Times, John Thomson is close to signing a 1 year deal with the Mariners. Then, the illustrious David Cameron reports that the M's are ready to give a 1 year deal to Jose Guillen.

I like both of these deals because they are short term and fiscally much more responsible. These types of deals will leave the club plenty of room to sign a TOR pitcher. Kudos to Bill Bavasi for adding a little sanity. On to Orlando.