Thursday, December 07, 2006

Maybe Not

Earlier this week, I was feeling pretty optimistic. Now, not so much. As I have said many times before in this venue, I don't really like looking at one deal in isolation and making pronouncements about the upcoming season. I prefer to see the entire plan unfold and then make a judgement concerning its relative merit. So I'm trying extra hard this year not to jump off the deep end and declare the 2007 campaign over. But I will say that so far I'm not particularly encouraged.

Edit: Have a look at Larry Stone's piece in the Times this morning. He has a much more eloquent take on the current situation than I was able to muster.

And Larry Dobrow over at CBS Sportsline gets in on the act today. I'm really beginning to get concerned.


Larry said...

When I was young, my mother used to say that she didn't know anybody who knew more about sports than I did. Fast forward to today, and after spending 1 hour on the internet, I am vague at best about most facets of sports, baseball in particular. Though I never rooted for a team based on the color of their uniforms, (I was basically a homer)I had no clue about half the stuff people talk about nowadays. It was blissful not knowing about statistics other than BA and ERA. Curse the internet and all of its data that lets an individual analyze every facet of the game. It's so much better to think pleasant thoughts and wallow in ignorance. I think I'll still hold out hope that the FO made great deals based on tons of data collected on all the players they signed in free agency. Life could be good after all. -Sorry, I had to take my Paxil - Who knows, new faces, new places sometimes it works in a positive way. Oops forgot Grover is the manager!!


Iron Tech said...


Pick up a copy of Baseball By The Numbers for Xmas - it does a good job of explaining stats in language plain enough for normal folks to understand. It's also very well written and contains lots of stuff that will have you saying "man, I didn't know that!". Good read.